Types of engine oil, Alternatively engine oil

All oils are divided into three categories – mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic. They differ in the way of production and accordingly in the composition. Mineral oil is basically contain filtered and purified crude oil, synthetics is created on the basis of recycled by complicated chemical way of light oil, the latter is much more expensive but also more effective, because if the car manufacturer allows the use of mineral engine oil in your engine, it is still preferable to fill a synthetic engine oil.
engine oil

Alternatively engine oil

Alternatively, you can use a semi-synthetic oil, which is obtained by mixing synthetic and mineral oils. Semi-synthetic motor oil is enough effective in your engine, but also a bit cheaper than the pure synthetic.

The oil also has a number of other characteristics that are necessary to be in attention. The most important thing is the viscosity of the oil. For example the most liquid oils from 0-20 after which is the letter W is recommended to use in the winter, they are able to work starting literally from minus 40 ° C, but for the summer there are better suited more viscous oil, with an index of 30-50 working effectively from +0-40° C.

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