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2016 Nissan Maxima

Week is made possible by rockauto, Tire rack And done on. When mink on introduced it re designed to maximize the band in 1989. It surprised a lot of people gone where the conservative lines and mushy handling this once ordinary families today and have become Japan’s first true sports sedan. A standard by which […]

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Types of engine oil, Alternatively engine oil

All oils are divided into three categories – mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic. They differ in the way of production and accordingly in the composition. Mineral oil is basically contain filtered and purified crude oil, synthetics is created on the basis of recycled by complicated chemical way of light oil, the latter is much more expensive but […]

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How to choose the alloy wheels

Apart from an excellent look, they have a lot of advantages. For example, they have small weight, as they’re made of light alloy. Therefore, the inertia reduces during braking and dispersing of a car. Besides, the wheels, equipped with such elements, work more precisely, provide an optimal tire balance and consequently, prolong the service life […]

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